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We are in the Information Services Industry.

We gather, store, process, communicate and share information related to vendors providing services to Cooperative Housing and Commercial Societies for the efficiency of societies.

We bring the world of Society Vendors under single umbrella; making it easy to find a best vendor for your society.

This service is a completely free to use.

Vendor providing service to Co-operative Societies can register free of cost. Searching a vendor by the society is also free.

We provide a completely free platform for vendors to showcase their products and service offerings that are specific societies.

We provide a best platform for vendors to showcase their service offerings to societies; and the best place for societies to find vendors. Any difficulty observed in operating the platform can be communicated to

This platform remains functional 24/7/365 for vendor registration and search.
Our email support hours are 10:00 am to 6:00 pm, Monday – Friday.

We also have customized plans for companies that require user support outside of standard business hours.

We focus serving Co-operative Housing and Commercial Societies including but not limited to Town Ship, Shopping Mall, Club Houses and Condominiums.
No, there is no onboarding fees to use this platform.
No, we do not have any paid service. is a platform that bridges the gap between Societies and Service providers. Service receiver to pay charges directly to the service provider based on agreed terms.
  1. Society Management Consultant
  2. Society Accountant
  3. Housekeeping
  4. Plumber
  5. Electrician
  6. Carpenter
  7. Civil Contractor
  8. Garden / Lawn Maintenance
  9. Swimming Pool Maintenance
  10. Pest Control
  11. Lift Maintenance
  12. Fire Fighting Services
  13. DG Maintenace
  14. Water Tanker Supplier
  15. CCTV / Intercom Maintenance
  16. Building Insurance
  17. Water Tank Cleaning Contractor
  18. Lawyers
  19. Painting / Water Proofing Contractor
  20. Boom Barrier
  21. Water Level Indicator
  22. Parking Mirror & Rumblers
  23. Waste Management Services
  24. Bird Net Provider
  25. Hydraulic Parking Maintenance
  26. DTH / Internet Service Provider
  27. Security Service
  28. Gym Maintenance
  29. STP / WTP Maintenance
  30. Society Auditor
We try to resolve issues as soon as possible. Our technology team is always available and depending on the severity of the issue a user is facing; we ensure fast response times. Our aim is to generate new business for the registered vendors by making availability of information directly to the prospective clients.
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